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STEMS What are Green Roofing Systems?

Paiva Consulting is committed to ensure that our green roof installations meet your expectations and provide you with long term reliability. Whether you plan a highly designed recreational intensive green roof, a low maintenance, light weight extensive system or a combined semi-intensive system, Paiva will offer a variety of green roof designs tailored to your needs.

  • Stormwater management
  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Biodiversity
  • Air and water quality
  • Increased lifespan of roof membranes and acoustic buffering

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Green Roofs can be applied over many existing roof systems, most common are: EPDM, TPO and Sarnafil.

The first layer is a root resistant membrane stopping root activity from damaging the roof system.

The second layer is the drainage and filter, which allows water and debris to filter through and travel out to designated drains, eaves or scuppers.

The third layer retains excess water and supports the green growth above. The fourth layer is the pre-cultivated vegetation.

Extensive Green Roof

Low weight. Low Cost. Low Maintenance. Our pre-grown vegetation blanket system is grown outdoors in Canada, guaranteeing a hardy instant green roof right from the start.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

A variety of grasses, herbaceous plants, wild shrubs, and coppices are grown using patented vegetation carriers. The depth of the growing medium and maintenance requirement varies on the plant selection.

Intensive Green Roof

​A variety of shrubs and coppices, grassed areas and selected trees can be used and require a greater depth of soil making heavy demands on the structure. Regular maintenance is required, such as: watering, fertilizing and weeding. This type of green roof is typically built for recreational use.