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Standing Seam Metal Roofs

This type of roofing system has been used for centuries because it is very durable and has low maintenance with many weather resistant qualities, in addition to being lightweight and having an attractive appearance.

Standing seam metal roofs are mental sheets or metal coils that go through a roll-forming process. The sheets are custom to the specific lengths of the roofs. When installation is done correctly, the metal roof looks very elegant.

Metal roofs are a benefit to the environment because they are made with 100% recyclable material. In fact, the steel materials can be recycled once again when they are removed.

Sheet Metal Roofs

This type of roofing system provides a comprehensive restoration, custom fabrication for sheet metal projects. .

Paiva’s facility takes advantage of over 8,000 square feet of production space to turn out quality roofing and gutter accessories such as: scuppers, capping, items completed in TPO, as well as painted steel and copper. All Sheet metal is mechanically fastened to ensure quality products look and perform the way they are supposed to. .

It is energy efficient, fire resistant and simple to install and offered in a variety of colours to meet our customers roofing needs.