Modified Bitumen

What is Modified Bitumen (BM) ?

MB roofing systems commenced in the 1970’s and is rapidly growing and being recognized throughout North America as a high quality polymer-modified roof membranes with reinforcing fabrics such as fiber glass.  It is a hybrid roofing system derived from Built Up Roofing otherwise known as BUR. Modified roofing materials may last up to 20 or 30 years. Two ply roof systems are durable and quick to install.​

Modified Bitumen

Built-Up Roofing

Single Ply

Green Roofing Systems

Metal Roofing Systems

  • Various installation methods available ranging from torch, asphalts and cold adhesives
  • BUR Benefits included in installation
  • Added strength from reinforcing fiberglass
  • Factory assembled roll materials with high quality control
  • Reduced labour costs due to pre-assembled products
  • Weather resistant
  • Expands with building movement as needed
  • Easy to repair


Base Asphalt Modified Bitumen​

Modified Bitumen base sheets can be applied as self adhering, asphalt or cold adhered, or mechanically fastened, providing installers with many options for installation. Typically modified bitumen systems are installed using hot asphalt adhesion for base sheets and utilize torched cap sheets.

Torch Down Mod Bit Cap​

The Modified Bitumen cap sheet provides UV protection for the roofing system and an appealing finish. Most manufacturers provide a variety of colours similar to shingles for a residence. The membrane is typically torched to the base layer using propane torches to provide a monolithic surface. Other installation methods include self adhering, asphalt adhered or cold adhesives.